Whiskey Whisdom

We believe that craft whiskey is something that everyone can enjoy, so we're pushing to make it more accessible. Scroll down to find out how!

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a platform that makes it easier for craft distillers to get their whiskey to you, and easier for you to get their whiskey. It all starts with our glass...

American whiskey glass filled with 2 Bar bourbon

The American Whiskey Glass


Two American Whiskey Glasses

Close up of Whisdom Serving Tray

Whisdom Serving Tray


One Lazy Susan Tray

Whisdom butane torch standing on side in front of two American Whiskey Glasses

The Smoke Set


Two American Whiskey Glass

Butane Torch

Whisdom Coasters

Four American Whiskey Glasses on a spinning Whisdom Serving Tray

The Tasting Set


Four American Whiskey Glasses

Lazy Susan Tray

Whisdom Coasters

A Whisdom serving tray holding six American Whiskey Glasses and a Whisdom butane torch lying beside it

The Full House


Six American Whiskey Glasses

Lazy Susan Tray

Smoke Set

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American Whiskey Glass Render

Designing the American whiskey Glass

The Road Ahead

The road ahead for Whisdom in the next few months

What makes whisdom a wise choice

The 2 in 1 glass gives you two ways to experience new whiskeys. A rustic oak rocks “glass” gives you a more natural experience with a hint of honey from the beeswax coating, while the American Whiskey Glass enhances the aroma and flavor of your whiskey bringing you the best of both worlds.

You’re supporting our mission of bringing American craft whiskey to the masses. Your early support helps us ramp up manufacturing to bring more affordable whiskey and trial through retail stores.

We’re looking out for the little guys. The people who quit their job to chase their passion. Our partners make up for less than 1% of the market, and we’re here to support small business and craft whiskey.

Your support will help us to set up guided tasting experiences with the Head Distillers and Owners of our partnership distilleries! We’re planning on hosting these events online and in-person as permitted in order to give you the full dive into your new whiskey and its origin.

Who are our Partners?

A close up of four bottles of 2Bar whiskey lined up on a streetA close up of four bottles of OOLA whiskey on top of a whiskey barrel with the sun shining through

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