December 1, 2021

23 Distilleries for Whiskey in Greater Seattle

You may know we love our whiskey and if you follow us on Instagram you may have seen these, but we love our local distillers. Here are 23 distilleries in the Greater Seattle Area where you can find a drip of whiskey to whet your palette.


  1. 2 Bar Spirits
  2. OOLA Distillery
  3. Fremont Mischief Distillery
  4. Westland Distillery
  5. Batch 206 Distillery
  6. Skybound Spirits
  7. Copperwords Distilling Company
  8. 3 Howls Distillery
  9. Heritage Distilling Company

Tacoma/Bainbridge (South)

  1. Old Soldier Distillery
  2. Bainbridge Organic Distillers
  3. Seattle Distilling Company
  4. Chambers Bay Distillery
  5. Nightside Distillery

Woodinville/Whidbey (North)

  1. Woodinville Whiskey Co.
  2. Wildwood Spirits
  3. Skip Rock Distillers
  4. Scratch Distillery
  5. JP Trodden Distilling
  6. James Bay Distillers
  7. Cadee Distillery
  8. Whidbey Island Distillery
  9. Cultus Bay Distillery

Our mission is to share local craft whiskeys starting from the Pacific Northwest! What are some of your favorites? Let us know!

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